• Why Choose Gateway Education?

    At Gateway Education we literally open doors to the world, offering students the opportunity to experience new cultures in dynamic, modern and multicultural Australia and Singapore. We nurture in our students the global insight necessary for success in our increasingly globalized society.


    The opportunity to be exposed to new experiences and cultures early in life is crucial in preparing students for success and differentiating themselves from their competitors. At Gateway we take students out of their comfort zones, encourage critical thinking, and prepare students to be truly global citizens. Whether students want to go into the sciences, arts or athletics, Gateway opens the doors to a range of new ideas, experiences, and cultures.


    What makes Gateway Education unique is that we offer a range of courses to suit all students, backgrounds, and English levels. Our carefully crafted programmes, designed by Gateway’s team of expert educators, enhance students' academics while broadening their perspectives and appreciation of new cultures, ideas and independence opening doors to new opportunities and experiences. Students leave Gateway education wiser, more independent, and more multicultural ready to succeed wherever life takes them.

  • Testimonials

    Hear from the people who count!

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    Keiko, Japanese Student

    Environmental Science Programme, Australia

    “I loved learning about all the animals in Australia. It’s really interesting because we don’t have the different animals and plants in Japan. My favourite part of the course was learning about the great barrier reef using VR technology.”

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    Chen, Chinese Student

    Business & Start Ups Programme, Singapore

    ​ “In the future I want to start my own business just like my dad. This course has helped me understand the hard work it takes to build a business. I loved going to the different companies to see how they work, it was really interesting for me.”

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    Alan, Thai Student

    School Immersion Programme, Australia

    "​It was so interesting for me to go to a High School in Sydney because it is very different to my school in Thailand. I made lots of new friends and I think they will come and visit me next summer. Lessons are so fun in Australia - I love it!”

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    Alicia, Italian Student

    Sports Programme, Singapore

    ​"It was really fun to get to play sports with other students from many different countries. I made a lot of new friends and I think I am much better at football than I was in the past. Singapore is a beautiful country and it’s a great place to improve.”


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    Nobuhiro, Japanese Parent

    Parent and Child Programme, Singapore

    "I am very happy I was able to bring my son to Singapore. I want to spend time with him but also make sure he is successful at school. The Gateway program gave me a great opportunity to visit and learn about a new country with him while also ensuring he received an academic advantage over his classmates."



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    Eva, Brazilian Group Leader

    Farm Stay Programme, Australia

    "I was very impressed with the Farm Stay program Gateway organised. My students had a wonderful week exploring the Australian outdoors. I feel it has helped their confidence, social skills and independence. I very enjoyed the opportunity to milk a cow!”

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    Emily, British Teacher

    Environmental Science Teacher, Singapore

    “Working at Gateway has been so much fun. The content that students learn each day is incredibly valuable to their wider academic progression. The course is hands on and interactive, allowing them to fully understand the different concepts being taught. I really would recommend Gateway to anybody who is looking for high quality classes whilst engaging students interactively.”