• Australia

    Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with a wide range of environments, plants and animals. There are nearly 30,000 types of animals found only in Australia, not including the numerous creatures in the oceans or those undiscovered in the vast spaces of Australia. Australia is truly a land of wonder and mystery.


    With Australia's top class education it's no wonder that hundreds of thousands of students choose to study in there and people from around the world dream of making Australia their home. With its commitment to multiculturalism and huge range of activities, opportunities and academic credentials, Australia is the perfect place to open doors to the world.

    Singapore & Malaysia

    Singapore is the gateway to Asia and a perfect blend of East meets West. With its official language being English, Singapore is one of the only countries in Asia which students can have a real life conversation in English with locals. It is one of the cleanest, greenest, safest and most efficient cities in the world. Its multiculturalism, incredible local food and breathtakingly futuristic skyline rivals other major cities globally and makes it a must-see destination in Asia if not the world. Singapore's education is some of the best in Asia with world class universities which are regularly top of the league tables.

    Singapore is the perfect destination for students to study English, experience new cultures, foods, architecture and a diverse range sightseeing activities - there's just so much to see in Singapore!