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    Choose Your Online Programme Today

    • Online Interactive Exchanges with native English speaking students
    • Virtual Summer School with a range of interactive enrichment sessions
    • University Taster Lectures from top university faculty 
    • All our programmes are available year round
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    Online Exchange Sessions

    • Opportunity to speak with native English speaking university students
    • Get an international experience without ever leaving home
    • Build friendships that last a lifetime
    • Improve English comprehension in a fun environment

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    Virtual Summer School

    • Summer camp experience without leaving home
    • Range of engaging topics to study
    • Choose from enrichment activities such as Yoga, Art, Google Earth Tour, Exchanges and many more.
    • All classes conducted in a fun, engaging and interactive way

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    University Taster Lectures

    • Experience lectures from top educators 
    • A wide range of subjects on offer
    • Gain insight into future academic paths
    • Get a head start on other students for top universities