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    We are the fastest-growing study tours provider in Asia-Pacific with destinations in Australia, Singapore & Malaysia. We are a highly reliable study tour provider having organised hundreds of successful, skills-based camps for students across the globe. Gateway education is a recognised study tour provider, offering highly qualified teachers using the latest teaching methodologies, so when you book with Gateway you know you are giving your students the best possible educational experience. Gateway prepares students for an ever increasingly interconnected world, equipping students with the skills for success in the classroom or the boardroom! Choose from a wide range of fun and engaging programmes.


    Gateway is a step forward for all students taking that next leap into their

    international education

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    Accredited Teachers

    All teachers have internationally recognised qualifications and experience teaching students from diverse background and education levels.

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    Make International Friends

    An international and diverse mix of students and ideas ensures students gain a greater perspective and understanding of the world.

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    Engaging Programmes

    Choose from a range of skills based programmes to give students an edge in an increasingly competitive global university system

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    A Global Perspective

    Gain greater insights and an appreciation for new cultures and ideas necessary for an increasingly globalized world.

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    Practical Skills

    Our skills based lessons impart students with practical knowledge for success in the classroom or the boardroom.

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    Online or Classroom

    Choose from a wide range of both online programmes and physical camps to give your students the Gateway Advantage.